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March 15, 2010


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Hill Country Mysteries

Hi Martha, it's fun to find new garden friends. I love seeing what is happening in Houston. I wasn't a gardener when I lived there and now wonder how I could have missed so much. You must have great soil...

Thanks for stopping by Hill Country Mysteries.

PS I'm guessing our dewberries will be 6-8 weeks from bloom to ripe fruit. The birds and foxes usually let us know when the berries are ripe.


Gorgeous Forest Pansy...looks like it is loaded. Those lizards are huge (lol)! Who knew gardening could be so dangerous. Matti

Nell Jean

Here's a picture from my blog of Reine des Violettes in bud and bloom so you can compare. You'll know in a few days if it's purple.



Thanks, Hill Country Mysteries. I might have to be more patient with the dewberries this year.

We don't have what most would consider good soil, mostly gumbo. We add as much compost as as possible.


Matti, we're just barely far enough from the wilds to keep our garden from danger. Some of our neighbors' gardens have been torn up by wild hogs. Knock on wood.

Thanks for visiting!


Thanks, Nell Jean,

I feel better about it today than I did yesterday. Great to know someone with experience with it already!

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